When hate speech hits - a podcast from Jewish museum Trondheim

New podcast about hate speech

In the fourth podcast of the Jewish Museum Trondheim, we will hear about language and vocabulary with a derogatory meaning. Terms such as Jew, gay or other insults about minorities, the disabled or other groups are used in everyday language. Language helps to influence norms and attitudes, and therefore also how we see others and the world around us.

Can we get rid of this practice if we learn a more empathetic language from an early age? This is the opinion of one of the participants in the podcast, where you will meet representatives of the campaign Stop hate speech, Gay youth and Jewish wizards in addition to professionals who work with the problem.

The podcast is produced with support from the Action Plan against Anti-Semitism and is published by the Jewish Museum Trondheim by Tine Komissar and Emily Luthentun.

The podcast is in Norewgisan.

Listen here.

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