300 Years of Jewish History in Norway

Oskar Mendelsohn’s extensive work on the history of the Jews in Norway is being published in a new edition. Jewish Museum Trondheim invites you to a lecture and conversation about the book on Thursday 5th December at 19:00.

Oskar Mendelsohn was one of the first who systematically gathered the history of Norway’s oldest and smallest national minority between two covers.

This year marks 50 years since the first volume came out, and both volumes have been out of publication for many years.

Oskar Mendelsohn came from Trondheim, but moved to Oslo in the 1940s. “300 Years of Jewish History and Life in Norway” is Mendelsohn’s life’s work. He worked on it for over 30 years

We ask, among other things, what this work has meant for the understanding of Norwegian-Jewish history and for his contribution to this field and those who work within it nowadays.

Editor at Forlaget Press Håkon Harket, Researcher at the HL Centre Synne Corell and Associate Professor at Nord University Jon Reitan will give different perspectives on Mendelsohn’s work, among other things about whether the book has influenced how Norwegian Jews have been talked about in the Norwegian public domain in the post-war period.