International Holocaust Day 2020

What is the left’s relationship to antisemitism?

To mark International Holocaust Day, the Jewish Society in Trondheim, Jewish Culture Festival Trondheim, Jewish Museum Trondheim and the Trondheim Literature House invite you to a debate on the left’s relationship to antisemitism.

What is the relationship between antisemitism and Anti-Zionism? Can you be antizionist without being antisemitic? Where do you draw the line between antisemitism and legitimate criticism of the Israeli state’s politics? Is the label “antisemitism” used into order to suppress legitimate criticism of the Israeli state’s politics?

Keynote speech:

Robert Mood, President of the Norwegian Red Cross

Panel debate participants:

  • Nik Brandal, Historian, Associate Professor at Bjørknes University College. Areas of work: political extremism, totalitarianism, genocide
  • Ronny Kjelsberg, Board Member of Rødt Trøndelag. Lecturer at NTNU. Had written articles and taken in parts in the debate on left about directed towards powers who play with antisemitic ways of thinking in their opposition of Israel.
  • Vibeke Mo, Scholar and Project Coordinator at the Holocaust Centre
  • Claudia Lenz, Professor at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society, racism and antisemitism. Political scientist and philosopher from the University of Hamburg. More recently wrote about the Gaarder case. Has been involved in several research projects, including at the HL Centre.

Chair: Jo Skårderud, Journalist for Klassekampen newspaper

Admission: Free

The picture shows brothers Asriel Berl and Assor Hirsch, and Julius Paltiel (in the middle), as all three survived the concentration camps Auschwitz and Buchenwald.