Letter from the University of Leipzig

Hirsch (Herzel) Isaksen had applied to study dentistry, but because he was not of “Aryan origin”, he was not accepted. The letter is dated 12th June 1933. Just five months earlier, Adolf Hitler had been chosen as Chancellor of Germany, and the letter is a clear example of the antisemitic politics which now governed the country.

Translation of the letter from the University of Leipzig:

Due to your request, we are informing you that you are registered onto a pre-clinical course for the winter semester 33/34 on the condition of your being of Aryan descent. We are asking you to give us a response between 15th-20thJuly regarding whether you wish to keep the registration. If yes, we are asking you to register between 27th-30th October and be present on 1.11.33 at 10 for an initial conversation and allocation of space. If not, you will automatically lose your place.