The Abrahamsen family’s seder meal

This is a photograph of the seder meal at the Abrahamsen family home in Trondheim in 1926. In this photo, you can see the whole of the Abrahamsen family – parents Salomon and Miriam and their 11 children.

Abel Abrahamsen, who now lives in New York, was three years old when this photo was taken. He is sitting at the front of the photo wearing white clothes. “I remember the chicken soup, chopped liver, gefilte fish and, of course, the homemade matzah ball soup. The next course was boiled chicken with vegetables, and for dessert we had kugel. We also had a homemade brew – the recipe originally came from my mother’s hometown of Latzkova. I remember the many blessings, the retelling of the Exodus and all of the songs. Father went through everything in the Haggadah in great detail. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on the sofa during the songs.”

Source: Jewish life and culture in Norway. Wergeland’s legacy. Published by Abel Abrahamsen, 2003.